Los Angeles, CA, USA – Jul 2006

First trip to the west coast to go visit my friends Amreet and “Big” Sofie (she’s not actually big, she’s just taller than the other Sophie we went to college with). We went to Disneyland (which was awesome!), the Getty Villa, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, hung out, partied, and ate In-N-Out.

Disneyland is a must for anyone who’s never been. It’s easy to see why kids love it. We had a lot of fun there too! One thing to note, the food and drink is really expensive in the park, so it’s better to bring your own. Amreet and I stopped by In-N-Out for some animal style cheeseburgers  and shakes before getting to the park. Had a great day here going on the rides and being a kid again. The “bush” hats were awesome!

Even though you have to make a reservation in advance, the Getty Villa in Malibu is definitely worth checking out. It feels like you’ve stepped into an ancient Roman villa. It’s meticulously taken care of and set in a beautiful location right off PCH. Even the drive to get there is amazing. There’s nothing like cruising along the Pacific coast wearing fake sunglasses from Venice beach and the wind in your hair!

The car culture in LA is sooo different from NYC, so different in fact that I’m not sure I could live in LA. But then again the weather is perfect most of the year…

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