Tentative Itinerary

I’m still waiting on getting my passport back so I haven’t secured any visas yet. Had to send it in for more pages. Assuming that I get all the visas I will need, here’s my rough itinerary ( for those of you who wouldn’t mind picking up a backpack and joining me ūüėÄ ) :

Jun 2010 –¬†S. Korea, China, Tibet
Jul / Aug 2010 –¬†Nepal, India
Sep / Oct 2010 –¬†Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
Nov 2010 –¬†Malaysia, Bali
Dec 2010 –¬†Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney)¬†
Jan 2011 –¬†New Zealand¬†
Feb 2011 –¬†Argentina, Chile
Mar 2011 – Brazil

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