Transport from South Korea to China

This may not sound appealing for most, but there is in fact a ferry between South Korea and China. The lack of mass appeal is due to the fact that the boat ride is 24 hours long!! By comparison, the flight takes 2 hours is direct from Seoul to Beijing. The ferry leaves from Incheon (1 hr by train from Seoul) and arrives in Tianjin (1-2 hrs by train from Beijing). Granted, the ferry is about 100 USD, whereas the flight will cost at least 150 USD, but considering that I need to be frugal, I’m not sure which to choose! Once I take into account the cost of transport Seoul to Incheon and Tianjin to Beijing vs the cost of transport to and from the 2 airports then I’ll have my answer…


The ferry provider is Jincheon Marine Transport ( More research necessary…

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