Only in New York

Since my flight to Korea was at 06:00 on Thursday morning I had to be at the airport very very early so if you happened to be on the 7 train at 02:30 that morning you may have seen a tall Asian guy wearing 2 massive backpacks. But what transpired next to me as I was waiting for the train to arrive was a truly “only in New York” moment. The restaurants and bars had just shut down for the night and sitting at the other end of the bench was a Mexican delivery guy and a Japanese barmaid. Since the trains at the time don’t come very often we were sitting there for a while and I overheard their entire conversation. They had literally just met on the subway platform and were getting to know each other. As it turned out, neither of them were fluent in English, but they both knew enough to communicate with each other and they were hitting it off. He got her number, she giggled a lot, and then the train pulled in. Maybe I’ll see them again one day. And if I do, maybe they’ll be holding hands.

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