Hospet – Home to the Worst Rickshaw Drivers in all of India

The worst rickshaw drivers in all of India are in Hospet, specifically at the rail station. They get on the train before it even comes to a stop and start harassing you before you even get a chance to get ready to get off the train. Then you follow you and don’t leave you alone for a second even when you ask them politely.

It got to the point where we were surrounded by like 10 of them and one of them in particular was the worst one of all. Even after we told him politely and impolitely that we didn’t need a rickshaw he kept persisting and grabbing our arms to get our attention. Finally it came to the point where we told him to fuck off and since he didn’t go away and I was really annoyed at this point I made sure to hammer home the point by telling him to fuck off in a more aggro way. To this he responded with “I fuck your face”. This took all of us by surprise and I couldn’t help but back away a bit and say “I don’t think I would like that”. To top it all off, he still wouldn’t let up and neither would the others. 2 or 3 of them followed us and kept asking us if we needed a rickshaw as we walked from the rail station to the bus park, about 2km down the main road. Of all the places I’ve been in India, the hassle we got in Hospet was by far the worst!

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