Wonderful Hampi

India - Hampi - Ruins 3 India - Hampi - Ruins 2Hampi is one of best places to visit in India. It’s got a great mix of sightseeing in the form of ruins and gravity defying rock formations in addition to a laid back atmosphere. Spending a day walking amongst the ruins is a must-do while in Hampi and it’s honestly a really fun experience. I couldn’t help but stare at all the seemingly impossible clusters of rocks; they looked as if some giant creature was playing with the rocks as if they were a child’s wooden blocks. Walking east over a hill from a bull statue we came across a large ruin seemingly cut right out of the jungle. It was back by palm trees which in turn were backed by hills built out of massive boulders. The scenery was amazing so we just sat and soaked it all in. India - Hampi - Ruins 1 South Hampi is where the ruins are located and is a strict dry and vegetarian town. There’s one ATM in town which I’m convinced the moneychangers have sabotaged. It’s usually out of service, all the moneychangers give crap rates, and the next closest ATM is 5km away. There are plenty of restaurants and guesthouses to choose from on this side of the river so most travelers end up staying here. North of the river alcohol and meat are allowed so next time I go to Hampi I’m staying on the north side, which also boasts a more laid back vibe. Most of the rooms on the north side feature outdoor daybeds perfect for lazing away the day. There’s a ferry which runs daily (10 INR) unless the river is dangerously high. Don’t ever miss the ferry or else you’ll be stranded; the only bridge is very far away so a rickshaw ride across is very expensive. We also chanced upon the annual Ganesh festival which was starting while we were in Hampi. Since Hampi is a very small town the celebration wasn’t massive but it was nice to see regardless. If there’s anything that India does right, it’s religious celebrations!

Ganesh Festival

Ganesh Festival

Have you been to Hampi in your travels and ended up staying longer than you planned too?

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