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Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Arun

This was my 3rd time in Bangkok and quite honestly it’s been the best visit so far. I stayed at the best hostel in the city, Lub.d in the Silom section of town. It’s got the feel of a luxury boutique hotel but at hostel prices. I would’ve stayed on there for a few more nights but was graced by the hospitality of Dasha’s awesome cousins Mike and Corina who allowed us to stay in their lovely flat which coincidentally was also in the Silom section of town. My first night we went out in the Patpong area and ended up at the harem street serving the locals followed by a gay bar which had a massive sidewalk seating area directly across from another gay bar with an equally massive seating area. It was like a huge meat market. We quickly finished our drinks and moved onto a straight bar/disco and ended up dancing on tables. It was a fun night!

Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Pho

Thailand - Bangkok - Khao San Road

Khao San Road

The next day a group of us from the hostel did some sightseeing along the river. That night I moved from the hostel to Mike and Corina’s flat and by a stroke of good timing I arrived there about 4 minutes after Dasha arrived. We all chatted for a couple of hours then Dasha and I went out to the Patpong area. There wasn’t as much going on that night but we had a great time anyhow. The next couple of days we did some more sightseeing around the city and went wild on the street food. Mike and Corina took us to a local Thai-German brewery called Tawandang which featured an in-house beer and non-stop live entertainment on the stage. It ranged from old-school Thai pop songs to a cabaret show. I don’t think it’s in any guidebook but it’s def a great place to go to for dinner, reservations are recommended.

All in all, I really enjoyed this visit to Bangkok a lot and could even see myself living here. It’s a big vibrant city and it continually surprises me with what it has to offer.

Thailand - Bangkok - A Wat

Thailand - Bangkok - Wat Arun

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