The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Cambodia - Phnom Penh - Royal Palace 2

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh quickly reminded me of the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. The comparisons are easy to see. The architecture of the buildings and the layout of the site are quite similar. One striking difference is the ubiquitous use of the serpent statue, a common element in ancient Khmer temples. The best part of the Royal Palace is in its symbolism – devotion to the King and to the prosperity of the nation. It stands as a strong testament that the country has recovered from the devastating reign of the Khmer Rouge.

Cambodia - Phnom Penh - Royal Palace 1

Like the Palace in Bangkok, moderate dress is enforced. No exposed knees or shoulders on both men and women. I made the mistake of wearing a tank top and had to go back to my guesthouse to get a shirt, although there are tshirts for sale right next to the ticket booth. The admission fee is 6.25 USD and it’s closed for lunch daily.

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