Cycling in Singapore

Thanks to Gregory Packs’ lifetime warranty I was able to get my Baltoro 70 pack serviced here in Singapore. The distributor they put me in touch with (Campers’ Corner Outdoor Outfitters) is only about 3.2km from where I’m staying so I decided to borrow Geo’s bicycle and go for a ride. Ok, I also wanted to save money by not taking the MRT as well but the idea of cycling in a new place was the main reason. I tried putting on his bicycle helmet but unfortunately my head is too big and wouldn’t fit.

I haven’t yet seen a single bike lane in Singapore but the lanes are wide and the drivers are surprisingly very considerate of bikers. One driver honked as the light changed from red to green and I turned around to look at why he was honking at me. A moment later he pulled up next to me to apologize : “Sorry, I wasn’t honking at you but at the car blocking the road.” I don’t think that would ever happen in New York. All in all it was a pleasant ride to the store although it seems like only the very poor here ride bicycles judging from the looks I got from some of the locals. Singapore isn’t on a grid and there are lots of winding one way streets so finding my way back was quite a challenge. And while the hills here aren’t that steep or difficult, the heat (Singapore is only 1.5 degrees latitude north of the Equator) will wear you down so it’s really important to bring plenty of water.

And if you’re REALLY interested in cycling check out this guy’s blog: He cycled from Sweden to Singapore!

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