Shorts and Flipflops

Shorts and flipflops are standard for backpackers in any hot climate. In many places that’s all I wore, no shirt required! But when you have a job interview at a white collar company the standard is to wear a business suit. I had a pair of phone interviews with them while I was in Gili T, one while I was sitting in a cafe and the other while I was sitting on the railing on the pier. I don’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wearing a shirt when I was sitting out on the pier 🙂 After those 2 interviews we scheduled an in-person interview in Sydney and I made it known to them that I don’t have any business attire; they said it’d be alright given my circumstances. I got “dressed up” and went into the interview with my daypack, a button up, shorts, and flipflops. Surprisingly there weren’t any comments made since they knew what to expect. I’d like to think I surprised them by wearing a button up instead of a t-shirt 😀 Regardless of whether or not I got an offer, the sheer novelty of attending a professional interview in shorts and flipflops made my day. And guess what? I got an offer!

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