Curio Bay

Curio Bay is a small town in the Catlins region of the South Island in New Zealand. It’s very remote and very beautiful. The scenic southern route passes right through this area. There are no stores nor any mobile reception in Curio Bay. The people who live here have to drive about 1 hour to the closest large settlement to buy groceries so it’s important to stock up in Invercargill or in Balclutha before heading into the Catlins.

The beach at Curio Bay

The beach at Curio Bay

The main attraction here is the Fossilised Forest and the yellow-eyed penguins who live there. The penguins make their nests in the bushes bordering the forest and come out about 2 hours before sundown. You can see them emerging from the bushes and also coming in from the sea. The adults are quite tall at about 50cm and appear to be quite playful and social. They were practically posing for us!

New Zealand - Catlins - Curio Bay - Penguins

New Zealand - Curio Bay - Penguin Closeup

 Have you ever seen penguins in their natural habitat?

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