Rotorua, New Zealand

New Zealand - Rotorua - Maori Meeting HallRotorua lies in a very active thermal area. Within the town itself are several natural hot pools, many of them located in Kuirau Park on the west side of town. A large portion (over 30%) of the population here is Maori and that fact is evidenced by the plethora of Maori cultural show offerings.

It’s possible to see a cultural show at just about any time of the day and evening. The evening shows also include a traditional hangi meal but they generally cost about 100NZD. Hangi meals are cooked using the steam from the natural hot pools. I opted to go for the more “authentic” show at Whakawerarewa Village located about 2km from the town centre.
It’s a living village which offers up tours and a cultural show for about 30NZD. Their commercial neighbor Te Puia costs about 60NZD and has a more polished look but in the end the geysers are the same. You literally see the same set of geysers from both Te Puia and Whakawerarewa so in my opinion I made the right choice by going with Whakawerarewa.

New Zealand - Rotorua - Hot Springs

Rotorua also has loads of mud pool spas and mineral water spas but being on a budget I decided to save my money since they can get quite pricey.

New Zealand - Rotorua - Kuirau Park

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