Back to Reality

Vietnam - Hoi An - Custom Tailored SuitAs some of you know I applied for a job in Sydney, got an offer, and accepted it. Just a few days ago my paperwork was sorted out so it’s official, I’m now living and working in Sydney! I’ve been in love with Sydney ever since I came here back in 2008. Totally didn’t expect to land a job here while I was the middle of traveling but plans are never set in stone. To think that not long ago I was sitting on the railing of the only pier on the Gili Islands in Indonesia doing a phone interview, then going into an in-person interview in shorts and flipflops, and now I’m going to starting work in one of the best cities in the world is surreal. I’ll still be traveling albeit mostly weekend trips around New South Wales. Vietnam - Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh MuseumAnd the Australian standard is 4 weeks of holiday per annum (so much better than the nonexistent American standard!) so I’ll be able to do a couple of longer trips as well. The last 9 months have been incredible and I’m sure the next 9 and then some will be just as great if not better! And I’ll finally be able to wear my suit from Hoi An! But then again…maybe my true calling is as a Chinese group tour guide…

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