NYC Bicycle Share Coming Soon?

According to BBC Travel, a new bicycle share program is set to start in early August in New York City. But as with any large scale public project, delays are inevitable…

The initial rollout will consist of 7,000 bicycles and 420 stations, peppered throughout the lower half of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens; the program will be expanded in the spring of 2013 to reach 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations in total.

An annual Citi Bike membership costs $95, a seven-day membership is $25 and a 24-hour membership is $9.95. No deposit is required, and members can make as many daily trips as they want, as long as they keep each trip within the time limits (annual members must return bikes to a dock within 45 minutes of pick up; weekly and daily members have 30 minutes to re-dock). Those who exceed the time limits will pay additional fees which start at $2.50 for the first 30 minutes but increase exponentially thereafter (remember: the idea is to share the bikes, not monopolise them). 

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