Dutch Toilet Design Ethos: Admire your work?

A standard “Western” toilet has a bowl that is shaped like a funnel with a small pool of water (let’s call this the outflow pool) at the bottom which is positioned close to the centre of the bowl. Or better yet, it’s positioned close to where your poop will land. When flushed, water flows from top to bottom, pushing anything on the sides of the bowl to the outflow pool.

The Netherlands - Toilet

The “resting pool” is in the centre. Just imagine a giant pile of poop there.

The older style Dutch toilets, however, have a very peculiar shape. The outflow pool is at the very front of the bowl and there is a small platform with a small catchment of water (let’s call this the resting pool) which dominates the bowl. The platform is positioned in exactly where your poop lands so that when you have a #2, all your excrement lands in the resting pool and stays there till flushed. Because the resting pool is so small, it’s as if your poop is sitting on a pedestal so that you can admire your work. When flushed, most of the water comes from the back of the toilet to push whatever is in the resting pool to the outflow pool. I will admit, it’s interesting to see your poop in a small pile rather than floating in water. I admired it before I flushed. Having it sit on the pedestal makes it look a lot more extravagant than when it’s floating in the outflow pool. But if the Dutch do admire their work, they certainly don’t talk about it. I, on the other hand, would definitely boast about the size of my dump from the previous day and how it looked on the shit pedestal. It was grand.

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