A Hippie Oasis in the Middle of Copenhagen

Denmark - Copenhagen - Christiania StickerImagine a place where everyone is chilled out. People are smoking weed or drinking beer everywhere you look. On benches, on the street, in cafes, next to the lake. It’s all good. But this place actually exists and it’s right in the middle of Copenhagen. Welcome to Christania. Established in the 1960’s as a “free” city there are tenuous links to Copenhagen proper but this haven is entirely self-governing. There’s Green Square where the dealers set up lemonade-stand like stalls to sell their wares and lined by cafes where one can sit and enjoy a blunt and some food or drink. There’s the beautiful lakeside where you can sit on the grass, have a doobie, listen to some music, and soak in the fresh THC-tinged air. The whole place has a relaxed atmosphere and acts as the perfect counter-balance to the bustling city. But don’t take any pictures anywhere near Green Square or you might meet some very unpleasant people. For more info: wikitravel.org/en/Copenhagen/Christiania

Denmark - Copenhagen - Christiania House

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