Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are perhaps the 2nd most popular tourist destination (the Guinness Brewey in Dublin is #1) in all of Ireland. It’s a stunning display of the beauty of nature, carved out of the emerald isle by the forces of wind and water. There’s a walking path along the north side of the cliffs and another walking path is under construction on the south side. As of Sep 2012, the southern path is not yet finished however it’s possible to jump the stone wall and walk along the path. But be warned, there’s no guard rail and at some points it’s very narrow or sloped. Considering that the cliffs are over 200m high and the sea is quite rough, you do not want to fall over the edge.

The best way to reach the cliffs, which are located on the west coast, is by self drive but if you don’t have wheels you can easily get a tour bus from Dublin or Galway. Admission for adults is 6 EUR. For more information, the official webpage is:

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