Coco Bongo Is Bananas!

Cancun is quite well known for being a place to party, especially during Spring Break, when thousands of Americans go south of the border for cheap booze and partying. And probably most importantly, where the legal drinking age is 18. But one place in particular is fairly busy all year round and offers a unique nightlife experience: Coco Bongo. In addition to being a nightclub, it’s also a performance space. From about 23h, a very well orchestrated show goes almost non-stop. From dance performances ranging from Elvis to Lady Gaga and high wire acts mimicking popular movies like Tron Legacy, the performers at the club are main attraction.  At 60USD (open bar included) it’s quite a steep entry fee, but it’s definitely worth it!

Coco Bongo is located in the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera) and is accessible by taxi or public bus #1. For more information, their official site is

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