Surfing in El Tunco

El Salvador - El Tunco - SurfingJust 45 minutes away from San Salvador, El Tunco is a surfer’s paradise. This tiny surf town consists of just 2 streets and has got just about everything a surfer would want: surf shops, board rental, cheap places to eat, and cheap places to stay. There’s both a beach break and a point break a few minutes walk from town. The vibe is relaxed, friendly, and easy-going.

The beach break is just to the right of the big rock. It’s usually pretty consistent. The point break is at the northern end of the beach. It’s quite a paddle to get to the outer break. I tried to paddle to the inner part of the break and never made it haha.

Regardless if there are waves or not, the best time to get into the water is around sunset. The sun sets right over the water. There were a few days when I was out for a surf and the sunsets were unbelievable.

El Salvador - El Tunco - Sunset 01

El Salvador - El Tunco - Sunset 02

If you plan on staying a while, be sure to bring a Visa debit card. There are only 2 ATMs in town and neither take Mastercard. There are no supermarkets in town, they are a short bus ride away in La Libertad. A taxi from San Salvador to El Tunco costs around US$35. El Salvador’s currency is the US Dollar. All-day board rentals are US$5 and you can get a dorm bed from US$5. I recommend Tunco Lodge (US$8 for a dorm bed); it’s got a nice pool and great chill out spaces.

Have you surfed in El Salvador?

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