The Beer Walla

Last night while chatting over some beers and telling stories I remembered one of the most unlikely places I’ve ever had a cold beer: in the middle of the Thar Desert in India. Back in 2010, I took a camel safari out to the Thar Desert in far western Rajasthan. We had just arrived at our campsite for the night and were setting up. Not long after, a guy carrying what looked like a sack of rice walked up to our camp out of nowhere and said he had beers for sale. Where in the world did he come from?! Not only did he walk across the desert an unknown distance (probably 2 to 5km) but his beers were COLD! Un-friggin-believable! Naturally we bought a few beers to enjoy as the sun started its descent behind the golden dunes fronting the dangerously close Pakistan border to the west. A cold beer in the middle of the desert…Only in India!

India - Jaisalmer - Kneeling Camel

One of our guides in the Thar Desert

Where was the most unlikely place that you’ve had a beer?

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