Thru the Lens: Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, about 40km northeast of Santa Marta. It’s easily accessible by road or by speedboat from Santa Marta and Taganga. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country. The park is still relatively undeveloped; there are only campsites, no hotels. Food and drink inside the park is noticeably very expensive and ironically alcohol is banned but all the campsites sell beer and sometimes wine. Drugs are also banned in the park, I would not recommend trying to sneak any in. The hike from the park entrance to the first campsite (Arrecifes) takes about 1 hour. From Arrecifes to the next campsite (Cabo San Juan) is another hour and can be done barefoot. 

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach Cabanas

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 1

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 2

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 3

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 4

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 5

Colombia - Tayrona - Beach 6

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