Thru the Lens: Medellin

Medellin is unfortunately most famous for its turbulent times under the infamous reign of Pablo Escobar in the 1980s. However, since then the city has made a massive transformation from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to being the most innovative. Today it’s a gleaming metropolis with high rises, the first and only metro system in Colombia, plentiful parks and public spaces and an energy rivaling the likes of New York City or Hong Kong. The city is safe for tourism; perhaps the most dangerous thing about the city of eternal spring is that you might not want to leave.

A great way to get to know the city is the free walking tour offered by local paisa Pablo. He’s developed a great tour that takes you through the heart of the city. I learned a lot of things about Medellin from the tour that I never would’ve found out on my own. Highly recommend it! The tour lasts about 4 hours. Be sure to bring sun cream, water, and comfortable walking shoes.

Colombia - Medellin - Arvi Cable Car

Colombia - Medellin - Crest

Colombia - Medellin - Paisa Monument

Colombia - Medellin - Plaza de las Luces

Colombia - Medellin - Plaza Botero

Colombia - Medellin - Botero Sculpture

Colombia - Medellin - Bolivar Statue

Colombia - Medellin - Bolivar Square Cathdral

Colombia - Medellin - Bolivar Square

Colombia - Medellin - Statue

Colombia - Medellin - Bombed Botero Sculpture

Colombia - Medellin - Skyline 1

Colombia - Medellin - Skyline 2


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