Thru the Lens: The Las Lajas Sanctuary

I’ve seen a lot of churches all over Europe and the Americas but when I saw the Las Lajas Sanctuary I was awestruck. The church is located about 5km outside of Ipiales, Colombia in a river valley surrounded by mountains. It’s quite a journey to get here but if you’re going to the Ecuador – Colombia border it’s totally worth a visit. In my opinion, it’s a lot better than Notre Dame in Paris. Far fewer people and stunning surrounds.

To get to the sanctuary from Ipiales, you can get a collectivo from the bus terminal for 2000 pesos (~US$1.1) per person.

Colombia - Ipiales - Viewpoint

Las Lajas Sanctuary as seen from the road to Ipiales

Colombia - Ipiales - Las Lajas 1

Words cannot describe how stunning the Sanctuary and the surrounds are.

Colombia - Ipiales - Las Lajas 2

A quiet moment for the priests.

Colombia - Ipiales - Las Lajas 3


Where is the most stunning church you have ever visited?

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