Thru the Lens: Sunset in Mancora

The kite surfing mecca of Mancora lies on Peru’s north coast, about 20 hours north of Lima and 8 hours south of Guayaquil, Ecuador via bus. It’s a great place to party, surf, kite surf, lay on the beach, and take in some awesome Pacific sunsets. As far as surfing goes, there’s a small point break which can get crowded at peak times (when the tide comes back in). It’s a great place to go to for a few days to party and surf, although if you’re like me you’ll party too hard and not be able to surf the next day. And then you’ll say to yourself that you don’t want to party anymore but then you go out and party again because the music is so loud and you can’t avoid it!

Peru - Mancora - Sunset 1 Peru - Mancora - Sunset 2

Peru - Mancora - Sunset 3

Peru - Mancora - Sunset 4

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