Thru the Lens: La Paz

La Paz is Bolivia’s biggest city and capital. It’s also the highest capital city in the world at 3600 metres above sea level. Surrounding by snow capped Andean peaks, the city looks beautiful from the many viewpoints dotted around town. On ground level, it’s a chaotic metropolis of extremes, from masked shoe shiners to beautifully dressed indigenous women. Personally I didn’t want to spend any time here but after a few days here so far I can honestly say it’s a pretty nice place to visit!

Bolivia - La Paz - Plaza Murillo 1

Plaza Murillo

Bolivia - La Paz - Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace guarded by 3 teenagers and 2 military police officers

Bolivia - La Paz - Plaza Murillo 2

Plaza Murillo

Bolivia - La Paz - Sunset 1


Bolivia - La Paz - Sunset 2


Bolivia - La Paz - Zebra Crossing Guard

A Zebra Crossing Guard

Bolivia - La Paz - Busy Junction

Waiting to cross the street

Bolivia - La Paz - Plaza San Francisco

Plaza San Francisco

Bolivia - La Paz - Shoe Shiner

A Shoe Shiner

Bolivia - La Paz - Witch's Market

Baby Llama Fetuses at the Witch’s Market

Bolivia - La Paz - Skyline 1

View from El Alto

Bolivia - La Paz - Skyline 2

The Beautiful La Paz Skyline

Bolivia - La Paz - Plaza Murillo 3

Flying Rats in Plaza Murillo


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