How Much Did 5 Months Travelling in South America Cost

South America was full of amazing experiences which I’ll never forget. From the near death sailboat ride to Colombia to seeing the unique creatures of Galapagos to mountain climbing in Bolivia it was all so worth it. That being said, almost none of the activities I did were free, other than lazing in a hammock and reading a book. In any case, here’s a breakdown for you would-be travellers on what it cost me to travel around South America for 5 months (in USD).

Reason Cost % of Total
Flights 705.16 9.62%
Sailboat from Panama 550.00 7.50%
Accommodation 1086.85 14.83%
Eating Out 1555.89 21.23%
Groceries 377.66 5.15%
Tours & Fees 749.99 10.23%
Booze 756.81 10.32%
Bus Rides 598.19 8.16%
Surfing and Biking 256.41 3.50%
Scuba and Snorkeling 200.00 2.73%
Taxis 116.19 1.59%
Boats and Ferries 100.54 1.37%
Train Rides 34.77 0.47%
Laundry 30.52 0.42%
Other expenses 211.04 2.88%
Grand Total 7330.02 100.00%

So there you have it. Over 5 months, I spent a grand total of $7330.02, which is really not bad at all at 1466 per month. That includes all my food, drinks, activities, transportation, and accommodation. And if you subtract the nearly 1000 spent on the Galapagos trip, that brings my monthly average down to 1266 per month. That’s cheaper than what most people pay for rent in NYC!

Part of the Midtown Skyline

NYC has some of the highest buildings and rents in the world

So if you thought that long term travel was just a pipe dream that you couldn’t afford, hopefully this breakdown shows you that it really isn’t. Provided you have a job and a passion to go travel I think you can find a way to do a big trip. It’s time to stop dreaming and start saving!

How much did your last holiday trip cost? 

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