Introducing: Gunbritt in Africa

Hi! I’m Gunbritt, one of Steve’s besties in Amsterdam.
A born and raised Dutchie with this unstoppable lust for traveling, cooking and adventures with often the result of not showering for at least 5 days in a row.

Steve and I met 4 years ago in Antigua (Guatemala) in the hostel El Gato Negro.
After introducing myself I commented: “You’re quite tall for an asian..”. To which he responded: “Yeah, you can tell your girlfriends that’s not the only thing that’s big about me”.
A wonderful start of this great friendship if you ask me.

After Guatemala Steve and I met up in Amsterdam, where he joined the life of cheese and cycling and we’ve been on several trips togther since then (for example to Marrakech).

Starting today I’m doing  a big trip through the Southern countries of Africa, starting in Dar-es-Salaam – Tanzania. Keep the Backpackerreport on the radar for some epic stories and photos of Africa’s National Parcs, cocoa plantations, local people and local food.



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