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Great Firewall of China

I can thankfully access my gmail here, but it appears that facebook and posterous are blocked. So while I can post via …

Getting a China Tourist Visa in NYC

For most people getting a Chinese Visa, it’s a pretty seamless process. Fill out the form completely, bring 1 passport photo, passport …

Taishan, China – 3 Jul 2007

It was surreal being in this small corner of rural south China ( Beautiful, rustic, and barely any signs of the mass modernization …

Hong Kong, China – Jul 2007

I still remember walking around Mongkok my first day in Hong Kong. I’d never been to Asia before and the street was …

Taishan, China – Jul 2007

Some photos from my trip to Taishan, Guangdong, China. It’s the closest provincial city to the villages that my parents are from. 

Hong Kong skyline – Jul 2007

The day could’ve definitely been sunnier but the skyline was impressive nonetheless See the full gallery on posterous